Jungle Rush Tree Fellers     Est. 1988  

Site Clearing, Demolition, Earthworks

We oversee major demolition contracts with turnkey solutions for Building Site Preparation including reduced Level Dig, Trenching, Cutting and Filling.
We are geared so that no job is too large or too small, and we tailor-make each demolition to fit our clients’ requirements and specifications.
We have a strong company policy that SAFETY comes first; all personnel adhere to all safety regulations.
Site Clearing
Our Site Clearing Service Incorporates Tree Felling and Stump Removal on all our Site Clearing projects. We oversee general site clearing operations, including trees and vegetation removal, protection of existing trees to be left standing, and clearing and grubbing.
Protect existing trees and other vegetation indicated to remain in place against cutting, breaking, or skinning or toots, skinning and bruising of bark, smothering of trees by stockpiling construction materials or excavated materials within drip line, excess foot of vehicular traffic, or parking of vehicles within drip line. Provide temporary fences, barricades, or guards as required to protect trees and vegetation to be left standing.
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