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Tree Felling Testimonials

"Thank you for the job well done. The gardens are looking in top shape now"
Neil Claasen - MD Fujitsu
Stuart Martin - Stuart Martin Construction
"That was quick! Thanks once again for a job well done. If I ever need some trees dropped in future I will certainly give you a shout."
Richard Hudson
"Thank you for a wonderful job well done. It was a pleasure working with you and your efficient crew."
Heather Henstock
"Just to thank you for a great job perfectly executed under difficult circumstances"
Dr I.M. Rogan
"Wonderful job, please schedule same month for next year"
Andrew Lorenz
"You did a great job, thanks. Must say, I had my trepidations as to how you would get the trees out without destroying the surrounding plants, but you did it! I can see why Willem uses your services"
Stephan Keulder

"I was very comfortable with your understanding of what I required and the suggestions that you made during our discussion. The communication I received as to a suitable date to remove the trees from my property was great. I was very happy and extremely impressed with what your team achieved - they really put their backs into a tough task. Derek, as the site supervisor, was also very involved and helpful. We will have plenty of warm fires next winter with the firewood I have neatly stacked in the back garden. Since your rates were reasonable as well, I will happily recommend JungleRush to my friends!"

Thank you so much,
Anne Hayden

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