Jungle Rush Tree Fellers     Est. 1988  

Tree Felling and Tree Removal Services

When the task of tree felling is handled by an inexperienced person, the risk of danger increases substantially.
Over 26 years in the tree felling and tree removal industry affords Jungle Rush Tree Fellers knowledge you can trust to ensure the safest possible way to remove a tree. Trees which are hard to access as well as those situated in complicated areasincluding a free assessment and obligation free quote
The Jungle Rush Tree Felling Crew are confident in their abilities, safely rigging tree limbs, cutting in sections and gently lowering them to the ground without damaging any surrounding plants or buildings etc...
We ensure that your property and service area will be neat and tidy throughout the entire job and will be left in such condition when we are done with your job.All timber, brush and chippings will be taken away unless you would prefer to keep it, you will be presented with options from which your decision can be based.
Tree Removal/Tree Felling is a service that should be contracted by consumers very carefully. There are many qualifications a tree removal/tree felling service company should have to remove trees.
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