Jungle Rush Tree Fellers     Est. 1988  

Tree Stump / Stump Removal / Stump Grinding Service

Is there a tree stump you have been meaning to have removed? Let Jungle Rush Tree Fellers of Johannesburg North help with the stump removal. Jungle Rush Tree Fellers provide stump removal for any size tree stump. With top of the line stump grinding machines, we can remove any unsightly tree stump from anywhere on your property, even if it means digging it out by hand.
We operate under various conditions whether the tree stumps are extremely large in size, or are located on a sloped hill, or a tree stump that is wedged in a narrow surrounding. We can leave the tree stump wood chips piled up for you to re-use in your garden, or we can haul them away for an extra charge.
Our Customers intention for the new garden opening where the tree stump is removed will determine the specifications regarding how the tree stump will be removed. This will include how wide and deep to grind the tree stump roots.
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